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How to Do Parts & Specialty Modeling

Learn about parts modeling and specialty modeling from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Trudi Tapscott, and there is a very specific area of modeling that actually has nothing to do with how tall you are or how thin you are. It's specialty modeling, or parts modeling, and there are agencies that are completely dedicated to people who have the best hand.

It's obviously for products, like there are probably five men in the United States who have a great wrist and a great hand for a watch, and they get booked for that and they get paid money for that.

For women that model hands, they wear gloves all the time. They wear gloves all day. They make sure they have sunscreen, the gloves protect them from the sun. It's very specific, it's a dedicated part of the business that most people don't know, because you don't know who those people are. They are modeling their foot, their hand, their arm, their shoulder and their neck. And it's very specific to do castings like that.

When I worked at Vogue Magazine, that's where I learned how those castings worked because I did not know there was a specific someone who had the best hand. I had never done anything like that. But, when you do castings for editors who are shooting still-life, or they shoot with someone like Irving Penn, when he was alive, and they needed a specific hand.

It's how you hold your hand and how you hold the object in your hand, and the length, it's very specific to get the picture they want. So, you might be the tall, thin model that is working in fashion, but you might not have the prettiest hands that they need for something, like a diamond ring, or whatever the product is.

So, it's called parts modeling. It's very specific. I would have no idea how to tell somebody if they had the right hand or not, but there are people that will tell you, and you go to that agency, you send them pictures, and then they teach you about what you need to do to keep your hands perfect.

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