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What It's Like to Be a Model in NYC

Learn what it's like to be a model in New York City from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Trudi:Hi. I'm Trudi Tapscott.

Britt: Hi. I'm Britt Bergmeister.

Trudi:Some of the important things about modeling in New York City, I guess from an agent perspective, is preparation and knowing what to do, and having someone who's going to help you and having housing. There are so many specific things about New York. I don't know what your experience was, but...

Britt: Yeah, definitely. It's good to be prepared. New York is very fast-paced. You have to go in confidently and everyone is trying to go do their own thing. So, it's good to be yourself. Be prepared to be in a small model apartment with a lot of girls. That's one thing we all have to experience. But just stay strong, be yourself, and then you should be able to do well in New York.

Trudi:The reason that model apartments are sort of an important asset is before you're making money you don't want to spend all your money on housing and New York is an expensive place to live. So, modeling agencies have model apartments where you live and it's kind of like camp, sort of. Everyone is going on appointments, but your rent is really cheap.

So, you live with a lot of girls who are all doing the same thing. They're all with the same agency, so sometimes you have the same castings, sometimes you don't. But it's basically provided for you so that you don't have to go to all the expense of getting your own apartment in New York City by yourself. Plus, it's hard to be in New York by yourself when you first move here for the very first time because you miss your family.

Britt: Yeah, definitely. It was nice having a bunch of girls from my agency who were all going through the same thing and we would cook our meals together. Yes, some had the same castings, some had different. But it was a base that we could all go to. What's great is if you do travel, you're not paying for rent when you're not there. So, that was a key thing. You're able to just get up and go, which is, I think, one of the best things about the model apartments, for sure.

Trudi:New York is a huge city. There are tons of people. You're not driving in a car; you're walking. For modeling, when you're first starting you're doing a lot more walking because you're not just going to one job. You're going on castings. So, you want to wear comfortable shoes. Have high heels with you. You're taking public transportation. Sometimes the subways, it's really hot and you're trying to get someplace really quickly. So, I don't know. Public transportation is in every city in your hometown. So how hard was learning the subway?

Britt: Yeah. I mean, I definitely relied on my iPhone and the Maps app. That really helped me. I tried to plan my night before and map everything out, and have directions from casting one to two, two to three and so on. I mean, it got a little messed up if there was a new casting that was added last minute. But, generally, I tried to have an idea of where I was going so I could get there quickly.

I would always bring a bag with me with my heels, my book, some makeup, hairbrush, snacks, healthy snacks. It's not easy to eat healthfully on the go. Just be as prepared as you can be. Yes, there are going to be last minute things that are thrown your way. You have to be flexible and know your city. That's really important. If they send you a casting and tell you, you have to be there in ten minutes you have to try and get there as soon as possible because it could be a job for you.

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