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How to Move Arms & Hands in a Runway Model Walk

Learn how to move your arms and hands during a runway model walk from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Trudy Tapscott, and when you're walking on a runway as a model, you are doing very little with your arms and your hands. You want to keep this as close to your side as possible, but let them naturally swing. You're not really using them to create any momentum. You're not really doing any hand gestures.

If a designer asks you to use your hands for anything, it would be to put a hand on the hip, but that would be specifically dictated by the clothes. You might be carrying a bag, so that might be something that you're doing with your hands. But it's really an accessory and, really, what your showing are the clothes, so you want to keep it very simple.

You're not really doing to much with your arms, not like how you normally would when you're walking. You don't want them to be stiff that you look like a statue, because your shoulders are back your arms are going to fall a certain way. Okay. You can turn, and it leaves the focus on what she is wearing and not focused on her arms. It's very relaxed, from her shoulders all the way down.

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