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How to Turn on the Runway

Learn how to turn on the runway from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video about how to model walk.


Hi. I'm Trudi Tapscott, and I think that one of the things that has had a history in walking and runway and fashion shows is the turn. And if you go back in history and look at shows from different decades, which I highly recommend, and if you go and look at a Halston show, or a show from the '70s, even into the '80s, you will see a lot of movement. There is a lot of turns, the shows look very different than what they have evolved to now.

So, sometimes when you are doing a show, like maybe a charity show somewhere in America, they want to see something a little bit fancy, where you actually do make a full circle turn, for shows in major markets now currently, that's not really happening. The turn is very simple. Everything in the model's movement of her body is very simple. The idea is to keep the focus of the eye on the clothes, not on the model. So, not anything that is too distracting.

So, that's why sometimes when you see shows, they are not smiling, there is no facial expression, there is nothing friendly about them, because all any designer really wants you to look at are the clothes. That is the focus, that's the main thing. So, that's why they don't do any fancy turns. It's a very simple, they don't do anything in the middle of the runway unless they are asked to, and they do something very simple at the end, just like that.

Sometimes they don't every turn around, sometimes it is just a U-turn at the end, where the whole line of models just makes a U-turn and that's all that's asked of them. So, sometimes it depends on the staging that might change, but really, currently, right now, we don't do any fancy turns. There is really not anything that happens like that in New York or Paris or Milan or London, any major market with a major designer, it's a very simple walk. You really shine the clothes, that's the focus.

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