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How to Get a Modeling Assignment

Learn how to get a modeling assignment from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Trudi:As usual there's about 8,000 ways to answer this. But okay.



Man:One second. Let me just call this out. This is number 35, How to Get a Modeling Assignment.

Trudi:Hi. My name is Trudy Tapscott.

Britt:And I'm Britt Bergmeister.

Trudi:The most important thing once you have an agent is to get a modeling job or assignment, to get booked for something. When you get hired for someone, in our business we call it being booked. So you want to get booked for a job. A lot of that has to do with how you are on the go see. For models, they go see clients. They go on a casting and they meet the client. That is the key. The client might have requested them. They might have seen their pictures and requested them to come in. So they might already be what the client is looking for. Or it could be a general casting where the client is looking at a lot of people, and they don't know what they are looking for yet.

In either situation, you're never going to get booked unless you seal the deal on that in person meeting. Unless you are Amber Valletta, and then you get booked anyway. If you have not established yourself and you don't have that kind of reputation yet and you're trying to get someone brand new to book you for something, it's all about the in person interview.

Britt:Yeah, definitely. There's hundreds, thousands of beautiful girls, but you have to have the personality. They want to be able to work with you and have fun. They'll remember you if you have a good personality. So give them that something special about you, and they'll feed off of that. They recognize it when you walk in the room. If you are confident and have a good personality, then there's definitely more to your looks and they're interested and captivated with what you have to offer them.

Trudi:I think when you walk into those castings, you walk into a room of your competition.


Trudi:And that can be intimidating.

Britt:Oh yeah.

Trudi:If you're meeting a client the first time when you walk into a room and you're not the only one in the room, so you see what you are up against. You have to just let that go and forget about that, because you're meeting with the client is one-on-one, and so it is about your personality. It's really hard because clients they look at your booklet and they say thank you. It's very hard.

Britt:There's no feedback.

Trudi:There's no feedback. They don't tell you anything.


Trudi:So you don't know if you did a good job or if you did a bad job.


Trudi:You're going to walk out of that meeting and go to the next casting or go see, and you can't take that energy of your perception of what happened. Because a lot of times after a casting and I know this has happened to you, because it happens to everyone, you think you blew it. You think the meeting went terrible, and that's the person who books you. The castings that you go on that you think that went brilliant and you walk out like, "Oh, I'm so going to get that job," and they don't book you.


Trudi:So you really don't know what the feedback is. It really is about just walking in every time and being confident.

Britt:Yeah. Confidence is key. And another thing you have to be really flexible to get a job. You'll go on a lot of castings, and then your agent may send you a lot of last minute castings. You have to be here in five minutes, go. You might think I've done this a million times. You think, "Oh, are they kidding me, like another casting?" But it's a job opportunity for you. They're trying to get you out there, get you networking with clients. So you have to thank them and be thankful that they're sending you to all these castings. You have the opportunity to go meet more clients. Get yourself out there and just be confident and meet as many people as you can. Hopefully, one of them will book you.

Trudi:That's really an important point because your first relationship is with the agency. Your first good impression is with your agent, the person who's actually talking on your behalf all day long. If you have the attitude of I don't want to go and they're working really hard to make sure that you see as many people as possible, it does tend to kill the spirit if you have a model who's not willing to do their part. It's not my dream. It's your dream, and I can't get you the job unless you physically go and do it because I can't do that part for you. You have to do that for yourself. So being excited and curious is important.

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