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Downside to Modeling

Learn why modeling is harder than you might think from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Trudy:Hi. I'm Trudi Tapscott.

Britt: And I'm Britt Bergmeister.

Trudi:And anyone who thinks modeling is not a hard job hasn't really seen it close up, because I think it's a really difficult job. Not just the actual job itself, but everything surrounding the job. I always have the most respect for the models that I represent because they were able to sort of handle so many things at once.

I think about my personal schedule and my life. I know exactly where I'm going to be on any given day, everything is pretty scheduled. There's nothing that really is a big surprise. In modeling, everything is a big surprise. You lose control of your schedule until you've gotten to a certain point where you're actually working every day you kind of don't know where you're going to be from one day to the next.

You have a lot of appointments, you have castings, and you have last minute things. You have requests, you have a job you need to do tomorrow and you need to get a manicure and a pedicure tonight and you get that request at 7:00. You know, or you need to put self-tanner. It's like, "Well, I don't have any self-tanner." You have to go get self-tanner, you have to do self-tanner. You have to do all the things to be prepared for the job.

Those are things in the beginning up to the intermediate part that are really hard. I think that when you reach a certain level in modeling some things become easier and other things become really difficult. You're flying around the world. You fly and you shoot. You have no sleep and there's very little sleep, sometimes you don't get enough rest. You're shooting coats when it's 95 degrees outside and you're wearing bathing suits when it's cold outside.

There's all sorts of things that, if you're not modeling, it sounds like still it would be great. Like, "Oh, I would do that. It's no big deal. That doesn't sound hard." When you're doing it, after three years of doing that all the time, every day, that's your life, it can be somewhat tedious.

I think that you know you have to have the psychological wherewithal to handle that people are focused on your external all the time. So, at a certain point, sometimes it feels like you as the person, the inside person, doesn't matter because you think that people like you or don't like you based on whether they hire you or don't hire you, and it's really sometimes not that immediate.

So, I think that it's a really, really challenging job. I think that you make a huge investment. You don't know what the outcome is going to be. It's not like you're going to an internship and you're going to get a job in and the rules in order to gain employment are clear and you understand exactly what you have to do to get them. In modeling, nothing is really that clear. There is no two stories, no two jobs, no two models, no two anything that is the same, so any example anyone gives you is not necessarily what is going to happen to you.

So, you spend a lot of time where you're kind of uncomfortable and you rush, rush, rush to wait. It's just not a normal business. It's not anything that anybody in your family's ever done unless they work in entertainment. It's a really challenging to stay centered and to stay balanced amidst all kinds of uneasy planning.

Brooke: I mean, you have to be definitely strong and confident with yourself. You're going to get told no so many times.

Trudy:More than yes.

Brooke: Yeah, definitely. But, it might not be your look. Maybe they needed a blonde versus a brunette. That's a huge thing. That's happened to me so many times, And the uncertainties, really, I think that's the hardest thing for me, is not having a schedule, because my personality I like to have everything planned out and that's been the hardest thing to cope with.

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