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Perks of Being a Model

Learn about the perks of being a model from model scout Trudi Tapscott in this Howcast video.


Trudi:Hi. I'm Trudi Tapscott.

Britt: And I'm Britt Bergmeister.

Trudi:I think there are so many perks in modeling that, if you're actually modeling, you enjoy. If you enjoy travelling, you're going to travel a lot. If you like going to museums, you're going to see all the best museums in the world. You're going to have the opportunity to go to fun parties, to meet people that you'd never in a million years have the chance to meet. You might work with actors one day. Every day is different and you're meeting lots of different people in our industry.

You might do a fashion show, and to get paid for the show, the trade is clothes. So, you might get clothes from a designer that you would never be able to afford. And when you're just starting modeling and clothes are really important, that's something great. You might do a job for a cosmetic company and they send you a package of goodies. You get a gift bag when you do something. There are all kinds of little things that happen throughout the course of modeling that obviously escalate the bigger you get. I think that those perks are really fun.

Being exposed to the world in a way that you never would in your hometown, travelling, seeing different cultures, different people, that's a really exciting part of modeling.

Britt: Yeah, definitely. I love travel, and to be able to see all the different cultures, I wouldn't be able to do that at 20 with any other job, so that's been really special. And to see behind the scenes how a photo shoot in a magazine, how that all came together. You're working with designers and you get to see their sketches, and then how the clothes, the whole collection transforms to the end, the runway show, that's something really special. When you read a magazine now, you'll say "Oh, okay. Yeah. The lighting does matter, where it's all positioned." And you understand how it's all coming together to create something so special like that. So, that's been really nice.

Trudi:There's always events, there's always parties, there's designers and brands that have great things, and there's a big party. But, really, at the end of the day, the reason you're going to the party is business. So, what you wear matters, who you talk to matters.

Britt: Networking.

Trudi:It's all fun and networking. You're not really going there to relax like you would at your own birthday party. It's business. But it's still fun.

Britt: Yeah.

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