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How to Set Up a Training Area for Teaching a Parrot Tricks

Learn how to set up a training area for teaching a parrot tricks from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


Right now, I'd like to talk about how to set up a training area for your parrot. Keep in mind that training your parrot on its cage or its tree may be less than ideal, because there are a lot of distractions. There's going to be toys in the cage, food possibly. On the tree, there are a lot of places to go. You don't want to create any distraction where you're going to need to chase after your bird or try to compete for its attention over the surroundings.

Instead, the ideal is to use a parrot training perch, like this. I make these myself and they're available on my website. If you can't get hold of one of these you can try to get a simple perch with nothing on it. Put that on a table, or you can even use a chair back. Put your parrot on the chair back and let that be its training perch.

Try to pick a room where there's not much going on. So, a busy living room is not ideal. Possibly your bedroom, where there's less light, there's less people, less noise, is a much better place to get your parrot's attention during the early training process.

Come over here buddy. We're going to take our parrot away from the cage. We're going to try and pick an area away from the cage for the training process.

Keep in mind that some parrots like to fly back to their cage. By having them on a training perch in a different room where they can't see their cage, they can't see their tree, the only thing that's familiar to them is you. That helps your parrot focus on you, rather than its surroundings and its cage and other things that it might like to do otherwise.

In order to set up a parrot training area, find a place that's not cluttered. Get a simple perch with no toys and no other distractions, and you're ready to begin training your parrot.

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