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How to Make Your Parrot Less Fearful

Learn how to make your parrot less fearful from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


It's very often that parrots are afraid of new objects, whether it's a new toy, trick training prop that you're trying to teach, or possibly a new place or people. A good technique is to use the training you've been learning until now to desensitize the parrot and to distract him from his fears, and then to slowly expose the things that it fears without making it any more scared.

So, right now, my bird has never seen this tape measure before. We're just going to introduce it. I'm going to bring down my clicker and target stick and I'm going to target the bird near the tape measure, just to show it that it's really no big deal. We're going to remind it that targeting has always been a safe thing. The bird has never gotten hurt around anything targeted to.

So, if I can target her to new objects, that will also tell her that these new objects are just as safe as all the previous ones. Alright. You see that? Alright. Go ahead and target. Good bird!

I'm going to target my parrot to and away from the object to just get her mind of it and have her focus on targeting. Good bird! Alright. Target. Target. Target. Good!

So, I've had her come closer to the tape measure and touch it. Meanwhile, she's focusing on the target stick, she's not afraid. Now, this bird doesn't really get too scared of new objects because we've introduced her to so many. With other parrots, it's very likely that they're going to be scared of new objects. Now, just hold the object further away to make it less deal about.

So, you might want to start with that tape measure all the way over here while you try to target the bird here to distract it and take it's mind off it. And then you're just going to slowly, slowly sneak it in throughout the process to get the parrot more accustomed with that object being in it's vicinity. So, there's some tips and tricks for you about reducing fear in parrots.

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