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How to Teach Your Parrot to Nod Yes

Learn how to teach your parrot to nod yes from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


Alright. How to teach your parrot to nod yes. We're going to break out the target stick again. We're going to use that to direct our parrot's head up and down to follow the stick. That signifies the yes motion that they're going to do.

By having your parrot follow the stick, you can be teaching the motion. An alternative way to do it is just to use your treat and lure the parrot with the treat to follow up and down.

The goal is to have their eyes and their beak following that treat or the target stick. Then it's just a matter of clicking your clicker, like that, signifying to them that's the moment that they did the right behavior which is to nod their head.

Kili, nod. Good bird.

We're just going to practice that a couple times, where you have the bird follow the target stick up and down.

Nod. Good bird. Nod. Good bird.

The bird is going to become more and more used to and familiar with following the stick every time you did that. Incorporate a verbal cue, such as "nod" or "yes", so that the bird can learn to perform on the cue without the target stick or the treat lure once you get better.

Nod. Good bird.

Eventually, when the parrot's used to following the stick, you can just use your finger to have it follow your finger instead, to make it easier, like this.

Nod. Good.

The parrot was so familiar with following the stick that now it can follow your finger instead. Finally, you can recede the cue and do it from a distance such as this.

Nod. Good bird. Very good.

That's how to teach your parrot to nod.

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