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How to Teach Your Parrot to Wave

Learn how to teach your parrot to wave from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


Truman, my Cape parrot, is going to help me demonstrate to you how to teach your parrot to wave. So, the way that it works is it's requisite on the parrot knowing how to step up. So, your parrot should know how to step up onto your finger, like this.

And teaching it to wave and to pick up its foot in a waving motion is a matter of it just trying to step up on your hand. And then you don't let it step up, so it has to pick up its foot to try to step up and that's the way you're going to teach the process. Truman, step up. Up. Good boy. So, he's getting a little mixed up with the wings trick that he already knows. But when you're teaching an additional trick it's important to work on the trick that you're teaching at that moment and not let the bird get confused with prior tricks.

So, we're going to try to get him to wave again. Truman, step up. Truman, step up. Up. Good. So, as soon as he picks that foot up to try to step on my finger, that's when I'm going to click and reward him with it. Alright. Truman, wave. Wave. Step up. Good boy.

So, I'm basically incorporating two things here. I'm still telling him to step up because that's something he already knows, but I'm also telling him to wave, because that's what the trick is going to be called and what he's going to be learning to do. Truman, wave. Step up. Good boy. So, you're going to continue practicing with your bird until he can pick up his foot, pick his foot up whenever you bring your approaching finger. Truman, up. Up. Truman, up. Up. Truman, step up. Good boy.

So, finally, you're going to receive the cue. We're going to show your finger from further away like you're going to get him to step up and show him the cue. Wave. Wave. Good boy. So, you're going to pretend like you're going to get him to step up, but because he's used to seeing your finger approach him to step up, he's going to step up his foot. That's your chance to show him the wave signal instead and get him to pick up his foot. Truman, wave. Good. Truman, wave. Good job.

So, you're going to be showing him that waving signal, which is a step up at first, but you're going to be switching it to your other hand so that eventually you can just have him wave without having to show the finger for him to step up. That's how you teach your parrot to wave.

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