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How to Teach Your Parrot to Go through a Tube

Learn how to teach your parrot to go through a tube from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


After teaching a parrot to turn around, another very easy convenient trick is to go through a tube. I got this big PVC tube for Truman to go through. But ou can just as well find a slinky, or a ring, or a toilet paper, for a budgie, to teach your parrot to go through.

Once you've found the suitable size tube, you can use the target stick to teach your bird to go through the tube by targeting him into it.

Alright. Truman, target. Good boy.

First, you're just going to teach him to stick his head in. You're going to use your target stick to teach the bird to go through. Now, Truman knows this trick already, so it's very easy for him and he's running right through it. Some birds, they might be scared, so you're going to have to take this in stages and teach him to become fearless of the tube. It's essentially just a matter of having him follow the stick and go through the tube. Then you don't need to use the stick anymore. You just say, "Truman, go through the tube."

Good boy. Very good. Truman, go through the tube. Good.

Just keep in mind that for a bird that's never done this trick before, that has never seen a tube before, the real trick is to teach them not to be scared of the tube. Once he knows how to go through and he's not scared of it, it's no problem for him to run through the tube back and forth like this. Just be patient and take your time so that your parrot is not scared of the tube. Then you'll be able to teach him to go through by following the target stick.

Alright. Good boy, Truman.

That's how you teach a parrot to go through a tube.

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