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How to Teach Your Parrot to Go through a Ring

Learn how to teach your parrot to go through a ring from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


Alright. Kili, my Senegal parrot here, is going to show you how to go through a ring. The way we teach this trick is to use a target stick, clicker, and a treat to teach the bird how to go through a ring. We're going to first target the bird up the ring. That's good.

Once your parrot is comfortable with the ring and coming close to it, you can teach them to stick their head in a little bit by using the target stick. Don't force the bird to go through the ring all at once. You don't want them to get scared of it at any point.

Target. Good bird.

As they get good, you can try to target them all the way through.

Very good. Good bird. Very nice. Target. Good bird. Very good. Target.

I'm just pulling the target stick away at the pace that she's moving so that she has to follow it all the way through, so that she doesn't touch it before she can get through all the way.

Kili, target. Target. Target. Good bird. Very nice.

Eventually, you can just have the target stick at the other end and have the bird come through the ring. Finally, we get rid of the target stick alltogether and then just have the bird go through the ring by itself.

Good bird.

Use a bigger, looser ring for your parrot at first, and then you can use a tighter one later when they're familiar with the trick.

Go through the ring. Go through the ring. Kili, go through the ring. Good birdie.

Once your parrot is familiar with going through one ring, you can teach it to go through a whole bunch of rings. A slinky is just that. We'll use the same idea. At first, what we're going to do is, we're going to have the slinky compressed so it's a small, easy, less scary thing to do. Once the bird is more used to going through it, we can expand it a little bit.

Kili, go through the slinky. Good bird.

When they're really used to it, you can expand it all the way.

Good job. Very good.

That's how you teach your parrot to go through a ring or a slinky.

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