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4 Best Parrot Training Tips

Learn four parrot training tips from Parrot Wizard Michael Sazhin in this Howcast video.


Here's a few more tips from the Parrot Wizard about teaching tricks to your parrot. Remember that any parrot of any age can learn to do tricks. With baby parrots less than one year old, it is better to focus on just good behavior and teaching them to be familiar with the human household environment. Between one year and the maximum age, any parrot can learn tricks. I don't care if your parrot is 70 years old; if you follow these steps and you take your time, that parrot can just as well learn new tricks. The only parrot that can't learn a trick is a dead parrot.

Another important tip is to make sure that the time your parrot spends out of the cage is quality time. A lot of people get hung up on the amount of time their parrot spends out of their cage, be it one hour a day or eight hours a day, three hours a day. In reality, it's not just about the time that they spend out of their cage, but the quality of their time. By teaching them tricks and giving them things to do, it keeps your parrot engaged and motivated and gives them some purpose to their life.

In the wild, they would be naturally spending hours a day flying and foraging in trees to earn their food. If all you do is provide food to your parrot in its cage, it has nothing to do for the rest of its day and they get bored. That can lead to problems: screaming, biting and plucking. By teaching your parrot tricks and giving it motivation in its life and giving it things to do, you have the best chance of keeping a healthy, happy companion parrot.

And another tip for you is to let your parrots fly. A lot of people still keep their parrots clipped, and I have been discovering this, along with other parrot owners more and more, that it's really not necessary. A lot of the fears people have about flying parrots, such as them flying away from them or trying to get out of the house, with the proper relationship, if you teach tricks to your parrot and you build the relationship with your bird, your bird is going to want to fly to you instead of away from you. So, flight is not going to become unmanageable.

Just remember to bird-proof your home by keeping doors and windows closed, disabling ceiling fans, and keeping other pets away from your birds. And just remember, all of this takes a lot of patience. I have been working with my birds for five years, and we have been working very actively every day for those entire five years. Maybe ten to 60 minutes a day for five years, that really adds up. So, even if you don't work with your bird as much, if you remember to spend at least five minutes working with your parrot every day, rather than here and there, over time, over six months or a year or five years, you will see so much progress in your parrot's life, it will be well worth it.

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