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How to Use Commands before Top-Rope Climbing

Learn how to use commands before top-rope climbing from indoor rock climbing expert Cliff Simanski in this Howcast video.


Hey everyone. Right now, we're going to talk about a couple of commands that you need to use when you're climbing. There's four commands you need to use before any climbing can happen. To start those commands, the climber is actually going to initiate. So, Tiffany will first ask "on belay". As the belayer, I would then respond "on belay". And when I say "on belay", I'm going to start to actually pull all the slack out of the system, making sure that the rope is nice and snug for the climber. Once I've done that, I'll respond "belay is on". Tiffany would then ask "climbing" and I would say "climb on". Before I would tell Tiffany to climb on, I'll want to make sure that I've gotten a sip of water that I might want to have, I've gotten that sneeze out of my system, any itches, things like that. Do all that stuff before you tell your climber to start moving. Because, once they start climbing, they're going to have 100 percent of your attention. So get all of those distractions out of the way before you start. And those are the four commands necessary for top rope climbing.

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