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How to Use Commands during Top-Rope Climbing

Learn how to use commands during top-rope climbing from indoor rock climbing expert Cliff Simanski in this Howcast video.


Unknown: So right now as the climber's approaching of the top of the climb and they're ready to come down, there's a few more commands we need to go through. Once again, as the climber, Tiffany's going to initiate, and she's going to ask...

Tiffany: Take?

Unknown: Take is a command for me, as the belayer, to pull the rope nice and tight for the climber, getting all the slack out of the system that I can. Once I've done that, I'll let the climber know, "I've got you." Once they hear that, the climber can sit back in their harness, and they're ready to be lowered. But Tiffany's going to ask one more thing.

Tiffany: Ready to lower.

Unknown: Once I hear, "Ready to be lowered," I can say, "Lowering." And I can start to lower Tiffany. And as soon as she comes down to the ground, we have two more commands to complete the process.

Tiffany: Off belay.

Unknown: Off belay. Once you hear that, you can let go of the break end, switch positions. And those are necessary commands for lowering a climber from the top of the climb.

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