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How to Sew a Centered Zipper with a Sewing Machine

Learn how to sew a centered zipper with a sewing machine in this Howcast video.


So, now that we have our zipper pinned in place, it's time to sew. To sew this zipper, I'm going to use a zipper foot, and I'm just going swap out the foot that I have on my machine for a zipper foot. And this zipper foot, it can be used on the left or the right side of the zipper.

So, I'll start by sewing the zipper on the left-hand side, so that means that I want the zipper foot secured towards the right. Now I'm going take my zipper up to the machine. And I've noticed that I've pinned my pins in upside down. Oops. So, this is a great example of what not to do, but it's totally fine.

Don't worry if you do this at home. You'll just take your first pin out, put it in going the other direction. You can take your second pin out, even, and put it in going the right direction. And I wouldn't even worry about that last pin because we're not there yet.

So, we're going to place our zipper foot down. And the way the zipper foot works is there's a little groove on the left so that your zipper can kind of sit underneath it. So, you just kind of wanna position it so that the zipper teeth are to the left, a little underneath. And then, you can start sewing.

Now, depending on where the zipper is going, I'm sewing the zipper as if it's going to go into another component of a garment, maybe into a facing. So, I don't really have to worry about the top of the zipper that much. But, if your zipper is going to be exposed in any way, you want to make sure that you backstitch. So, let's go ahead and do that.

Great. And now, I just noticed that my stitch length was a little off, so I switched it. And now, we're just going to stitch all the way down the zipper. Again, taking out the pins as we come to them. And you can kind of feel when you get to the end of the zipper. You can feel the stopper. So, we're just going to go a little below there. And we'll go one more stitch, two more stitches by hand.

If you're getting towards the end and you're a little uncomfortable with using the foot pedal, feel free, pull the stitches by hand. And then, I'm going to lift my presser foot up with my needle down in the fabric. You do not want to have your needle up. You want to make sure your needle's down. And then, I'm going to rotate, or pivot, my project so that now I can sew across the bottom.

So, I'm going to put my presser foot right back down. I'm going to remove this pin that's in the way. And I'm going to sew just across the bottom of the zipper. And, again, this is a great place where you can hand-twist the wheel, since you're only going a couple of stitches. So, I did my foot pedal and then I did one by hand. And then I'm going to lower this again, and I'm going to come right back up the other side.

And then, reverse at the top and then pull your zipper out. Cut all of your threads. Okay. So, this is looking like a zipper. The last thing you need to do is take your seam ripper and cut open the basted stitches that we made in the beginning. Just be careful when you get towards the bottom. And then, you can use tweezers or just pull them out by hand. And now, we have our centered zipper.

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