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How to Do the Hula Hoop Lasso

Learn how to do the hula hoop lasso from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


The idea behind the lasso is similar to that of trick roping, if you've ever seen cowboys lasso with the trick rope and lasso a cow, a calf, I guess. We're going to take the same idea from hand hooping, where we have our hand out like a handshake, with our thumb up. And then, what you're going to do is, you're going to have the hoop on your side, whether it's your left or your right, depending on if you're right- or left-handed.

Swing the hoop across in front of you, and then give it some momentum. Bring your hand directly over your head, and keep your thumb. You notice how my thumb is sticking out, to keep the hoop from falling down.

Every time the hoop touches my hand, everywhere it's touching me, I'm giving it resistance back against. My arm is very strong above my head, pushing the hoop around in a circle. So, if you start from here, swing across in front. Give it momentum. I'm pushing forward and back, to keep the momentum going. You can stick both palms together, and do both hands and lasso over your head. Switch hands. Palms together; switch. Keep doing a circle, while you do it slowly.

And that's the lasso.

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