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How to Hula Hoop around Your Chest

Learn how to hula hoop around your chest from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


So, how to hula hoop around your chest. You're going to start without the hoop. Practice the movement that happens in your body.

So, similar to a jazz dance warm up, you want to practice isolating your chest and ribcage area.

So, put the hoop down. Hands on your hips. You're going to press your chest forward. Side. Back. Side. In a circle around. Side. Back. Side. And then you can start to smooth it out making a round motion and go the other direction. Forward. Side. Back. Side. Smooth it out.

Then, what's actually going to happen is your arms are going to be up. And you're going to be making this circular motion with your ribcage.

So, I'll show that from the side as well. Circular motion with the ribcage. Once that feels nice and smooth pick up your hoop.

Place it underneath your arms, underneath your armpits. High on your back. The higher on your back the easier it will be to save if it starts to fall.

So, nice and high. Give the hoop a push. Get your arms out of the way and begin your chest isolation. Notice how much forward and back my ribcage is moving.

It will also help you to turn in a circle while you do it. The hoop will move a little bit slower.

And that's how you do chest hooping.

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