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How to Do Hula Hoop Breaks & Reversals

Learn how to do hula hoop breaks and reversals from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


To learn your hula hoop breaks and reversals we're going to start around our waist.

Notice when the hoop is in front of you, making a space in front of your body. So, one way to practice this and noticing it is to watch it. And then count. Front, front, front, front, front, front, front.

You can also feel when the hoop is against your back and against your belly, coming to the front. Okay?

So, the hoop is against my belly and then it's in the front of me. When the hoop is against my belly, I'm going to stick my arm in front of it. And as it comes around to the front I'm going to push against it with my arm to make it go back the other direction.

Now, this makes it very important for you to practice waist hooping in both directions. Because you have to be able to continue after you do the break/reversal.

So, on the other side the hoop is touching my belly, belly, front, front, front,front. I'm going to slide my arm in front. Catch it with the inside of my arm. Push it back the other direction.

So, to do this just a little bit quicker so you can see what it looks like.
Break, reverse. Break, reverse. Break, reverse. You can do them continuously.

And that's how you do breaks and reversals.

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