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How to Do Hula Hoop Chest Reversals

Learn how to do hula hoop chest reversals from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


So, for chest reversals, you're going to start with your basic chest hooping. Hoop is going around your chest. Arms are up. You're rotating your rib cage to keep the hoop going.

Then, you're going to notice when the hoop is touching you across the front of your body. When the hoop is coming around to the front, you're going to slide your arm down and in. I'm using my left arm, because I'm hooping to the left. And pinch the hoop in underneath your arm with your bicep, so really give it force. Push it back the other direction, to continue chest hooping the other way.

Now with my right arm, chest, chest, right and then I'm going back to the left, chest, chest, chest, brake; the other way. If your hoop starts to wobble, just right it again. Chest, chest, chest, chest, break. Other way.

Notice that I take a step out and rotate my body slightly, to aid the hoop in keeping its horizontal level.

So that's how we do our chest brakes and reversals.

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