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How to Get Into a Hula Hoop Vortex

Learn how to get into a hula hoop vortex from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


So, to start your hula hoop vortex we're going to start with the hoop around our waist. You can also start in lasso with the hoop above your head. I'll demonstrate both of those. But you learn each section in two parts.

Basically the first section, you learn how to lift the hoop off. And the second section you learn how to put the hoop back on your waist. Then you put them together and that's your vortex. And it looks like this. Okay?

So, we're going to start on our waist. You've got the hoop going around your waist. If you hoop to the left, you're going to take your right hand. And if you hoop to the right you'll reverse everything.

So, my right hand behind my back. As far over as I can get it. All the way to my left hip. So right hand crossing my back to my left hip.

If this is touch for your shoulder flexibility, just do some simple stretches to get that arm nice and flexible so you can reach behind your back.

So, once you've got your hand in behind your back notice when the hoop is touching your hand. So, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand. That's when you're going to grab the hoop.

So as it touches your hand you're going to grab it. You're then going to bring the hoop against your body and straight up in front of you.

Then from there you're going to give the hoop some momentum to continue that rotation.

So, one more time slowly. Hoop around my waist. Hand against my back. Pull straight up. And then I've got my lasso over my head.

Let's do that one more time just a little bit faster. I'll do it once facing the front and once facing the back.

So, straight up. And facing back. Grab straight up. So, that's section one.

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