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How to Get Out of a Hula Hoop Vortex

Learn how to get out of a hula hoop vortex from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


So, we start with lasso. You're going to pass off, switch the hand that's inside the hoop. I always switch the hand at the top. I find that that's the easiest way to get this trick. So we start with lasso, with our left hand rotating the hoop around. Your thumb is out, keeping the hoop from falling. And it's directly over my head. I'm pushing against it to keep it going.

When the hoop goes into your palm, you're going to grab it and then you're going to put it on like a seat belt. Bring it across your body from your right shoulder, down to your left hip, and then give it some push to keep it going on your waist. So let's go back to lasso. Lasso, straight overhead, grab, put it on like a seat belt, push. So one more time a little bit more quickly. Grab, push.

Okay. So to tie these together, you're going to start with the one around your waist, bringing your right hand up. Then when the hoop is in front of you, like so, you're going to stick your left hand in and then begin your downward part of the vortex. So this is the upward, hand in, downward. You can, to break this up and make it a little simpler for yourself, start here, waist hooping, do the first part, do a couple rotations, switch off, and then drop it on. Once you feel comfortable with that, take out some rotations and do your hand-off right away.

To make this continuous and take it one step further, we pass off behind the back with our hands. So we've got this part smooth. Now instead of, when you bring it down, instead of pushing it and having it continue going around your waist, you're going to pass off underhand behind your back, and then begin the vortex again with the right hand.

So I'll show that facing the back, pass, up. And that's how you do hula hoop vortex or tornado.

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