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How to Do a Hula Hoop Vertical Step Through

Learn how to do a vertical step through from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


For a hula hooping vertical step-through, there's a couple of things that you want to think about first. First is the size of your hoop. If your hoop is very small, it will be difficult to step your body through it. So, keep that in mind. Usually 39 inch diameter is a really good diameter to start with. If you're taller than average height, then maybe a larger hoop will be even better. That will keep you from being frustrated if you feel the hoop keeps hitting you.

So, we're going to start in what is called a reverse hand roll. What that means is we've got our handshake in front of us, our thumb up. If I turn my body, and the hope is off of my right shoulder, rotating forward, if I was looking at the hoop the hoop is going down and forward. We want to be going reverse, so the hoop should be going backwards over your hand. When you have this hand roll in reverse, you're going to notice every time the hoops makes space in front of your hand. What is going to happen is that you're going to be going through that space. So, notice space, space, space, space. Notice when the hoop is down, you're going to rotate your palm down and grab at the backside of the hoop. Now, there's all this space in front of your arm for you to step through.

Let's practice that again. Reverse hand roll. Down, down, down. It's difficult to do it slowly, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Now there's all this space in front of me. When that happens, when I get into this position with my palm facing back behind me, I'm going to lift my right leg up, step through. When I have the hoop between my legs, I'm going to take my left hand and grab as close to the bottom of the hoop as possible. Keep the hoop rotating in reverse. Step my left leg through, and then continue my hand roll on the left hand. So, let's do that slowly one more time. Reverse hand roll. Down, down, down. Grab, step through, reverse hand roll on the left. Again. Down, down, down, grab, step, reverse. Then, you obviously want to do it going back the other direction. Down, down, down, grab, step through. Once you get comfortable with that hand-off, then you can make the whole thing a lot smoother. And that's how you do a vertical step-through.

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