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How to Hula Hoop around Your Ankles

Learn how to hula hoop around your ankles from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


To hula hoop around your ankles, you're going to focus on one foot at a time. So plant your right foot, make sure that your back is nice and straight, your knee is a little bit soft, not locked back. So knee a little bit soft, weight on your right foot. Your left foot is going to draw little circles around from front to back. Okay? So drawing a little circle with my left foot, low to the ground, front to back. Then we want to switch feet so plant your left foot, knee nice and soft. Right foot is going to come back to front, back to front, back to front. It's like I'm making a small capital "D" or a small circle on the floor.

Now, I'm exaggerating this a little bit as I demonstrate. It's very, very small motion. Very, very small. See how close together my ankles are. All right, so let's try this with the hoop. I like to keep the hoop about shin height. If it goes any lower, sometimes it tends to hit the ground, which is okay. You'll... Oh, as you get better at it and practice, it will hit the ground less and less. So keeping it horizontal, give it a push and start pushing with your left foot, keeping those circles nice and small. Try switching, right foot. The hoop will hit the ground a few times, it's okay. Once you start getting used to this you can turn as you do it. Notice how I'm switching feet between rotation. My left foot is the main driver. And that's how you do ankle hooping.

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