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How to Do a Hula Hoop Across the Back Roll

Learn how to do a hula hoop across the back roll from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


Across the back roll with the hula hoop is probably a favorite of everyone for hula hooping. So, we are going to start with the hoop in our right hand hanging loosely in your first two fingers. So, I'm making a loop here holding the hoop gently. Notice that my hoop is in the vertical plane directly off to my side.

The first step of this trick is getting the hoop from your hand to your shoulder. So, we're going to focus on that first. We're going to bring the hoop up as the hoop is coming up above your arm. You're going to release and press your palm down. So, let's practice just that first part. Palm down, allowing it to roll. It's okay to go nice and slow first. Slow and controlled. Release, palm down. Again. Release, palm down.

Then, once the hoop gets to your shoulder, you're going to bend over making a nice, flat back. So, let's practice just the motion. Release, palm down, flat back. Notice how flat my back is. If you try to look at the hoop, then your back will not be flat, and therefore the hoop will go some crazy direction. So, release, flat back. Notice also how straight my arms are. This is a part of the visual effect of the hoop rolling across, is that it goes one hand to the other. So, it's important to keep that right arm straight as you release. One of the tendencies that people do is to bend this arm and start the roll there, which is cheating. Another tendency that people have is to toss the hoop, which is not necessarily wrong, but we want to do a true roll. When the hoop gets between my elbow and my shoulder, I'm going to do the flat back and I'm going to look to my left hand to catch the hoop.

So, the catching side. Now, we're going to focus on the hoop rolled across your back and coming down this arm. Ideally, if it rolls perfectly, it's going to go all the way down your left arm and you're going to catch it on the outside of the hoop. Now, you must be prepared if the hoop is going slightly behind your arm or in front of you, so just stick that hand in and allow the hoop to rotate around your hand to continue the momentum.

So, starting from the top. Release, palm down, grab. And that's how you do an across the back roll.

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