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How to Do a Hula Hoop Across the Chest Roll

Learn how to do a hula hoop across the chest roll from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


For our across the chest roll we're going to start the same way as we would do our across the back roll.

The hoop is in my right hand. My grip is nice and loose. I just have my first two fingers making a loop. My other fingers are just cradling the hoop.

And it's keep making a nice flat plane in front of my body. So, I've got the hoop hanging. Vertical plane in my right hand.

What a lot of people tend to do when they learn this trick is they learn to do a toss. Or they toss and bend this arm and bring the hoop to their chest.

It's not necessarily cheating. It just looks better if we do a true roll when the hoop is making contact with your arm all the way across your chest to the other hand.

So, arm is nice and straight. Level with my shoulder. Slightly in front of my shoulder and my left arm is out to the side ready to receive.

So, palm is nice and loose. I'm going to bring the hoop up gently and then press my palm down as I release. I'm going to show this again. So, that's how we start the roll.

Now, whenever we want to roll across our chest it's very effective to lean way back and really open up your throat and your chest to the sky. If you try to look at the hoop it looks a little congested and awkward. And it's not as pretty.

So, you're going to drop your head back, lean way back and allow the hoop to roll across your chest. It's also helpful to turn your head and look towards your receiving hand. It'll look nicer.

So, as the hoop approaches my shoulder I'm going to lean back. Look towards my left hand and have that hand ready, open palm up, to receive the hoop.

So, let's try this all together. There we go.

And that's how we do an across the chest roll.

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