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How to Do Hula Hoop Cat Eyes

Learn how to do hula hoop cat eyes from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


So, to do your Cat Eyes we're going to start with our isolation. One handed.

The hoop's in front of you about top of your head height and belly button. I'm leading with my pinky finger to do my one handed isolation. And my hoop is rotating counter-clockwise.

So, to start the Cat Eye. It looks like this. And what the illusion is is that the hoop is dropping down and then coming straight up. Without moving out of this plane or going side to side. We want the hoop to make a vertical column, so to speak.

So, we start in this position with the hand at six o'clock. You're going to move your hand slightly to your right to allow the hoop to drop down on the back of your hand.

So, I'm here. My hand moves slightly. And then, I allow it to rest on the back of my hand here. As the hoop rolls across my hand, I'm going to grab again on my left side to bring it back in front of me.

Now, this is the tricky part. From this position my hand is going to go straight up. So, I start here and move to my right. Allow the hoop to drop. Grab. Bring it straight up.

So, the path of my hand goes left, down, up, straight over my head.

So, I'm basically making a big arch there. Going to make, the entire step involves making a box with your hand. Okay.

So, I'm here. Move to the right. Allow the hoop to drop. Grab. Bring it straight up overhead. And then I've got the hoop straight above me. My hand is at 12 o'clock.

As I continue the hoop rotation over I'm going to move back out to the left to allow the hoop to come back into that center position.

Now, ideally, my hand would end here so that I could just continue to do it again over and over. With practice that will happen. But, I like to add in just a little center isolation to give myself some time to prepare for the next Cat Eye.

So, isolation. Move your hand to the right. Drop. Grab. Bring it straight up and back to center. One isolation to finish. A little faster. Goes like this.

And that's how you do a Cat Eye.

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