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How to Do a Hula Hoop Escalator

Learn how to do a hula hoop escalator from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


To do an escalator with the hoop, you're going to start with the hoop out to your side, in a flat plane. You're going to take your right foot, that's my right. So I'm going to take my right foot and step inside the hoop, so that the hoop is around my right leg, coming across my right ankle.

Then, I'm going to, with my right hand, rotate the hoop the other way towards my body, like towards my belly. I'm bringing my hands to my belly button. As I do that, I'm going to pick up my left foot, and put it against my knee, so that the hoop comes around my left leg.

So as I do that, this arm is going to come out. I'm going to catch the hoop in my armpit, allow the hoop to continue to swing around; catch it with my right hand above my head, and continue the rotation around. So, slowly break it down. Right foot steps inside; left foot to your knee. The hoop's going to catch underneath my left arm. Bring it across to your belly. Swing around. Grab on the right side, and rotate the hoop.

A little faster, one more time, like that. You can see that once you start doing it a little more quickly, it happens a little bit more naturally.

And that's how you do an escalator.

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