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How to Do a Hula Hoop Drop On

Learn how to do a hula hoop drop on from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


To do a hula hoop drop on, we're going to start in lasso, again, with our right hand over our head and our thumb out, hand directly over head. So starting with the hoop out to your right, swing to your left, keeping the hoop right over head, and the part where the hoop is touching my palm, I'm going to grab it and then I'm going to being my hand down across my body with the hoop now around my waist and then allow the rotation to continue around my waist.

So starting from lasso, down across. Again. Touches my palm, down across. So that's a drop on with the right hand, we can also do this with the left hand. So rotating the same direction to the left with the left hand over head and lasso, grab the hoop, bring it across your body in the same direction and give it a little momentum to keep continuing around your waist. So, lasso, across your body, push to keep going around your waist. Remember also that all of these tricks are easier when you rotate while you try them, I'll demonstrate that. So, dropping on with the right hand, and dropping on with the left hand, rotating. And that's how you do a drop on.

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