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How to Hula Hoop on One Shoulder

Learn how to hula hoop on one shoulder from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


To hula hoop on one shoulder or to do what is called a Shoulder Duck-Out, you're going to start with the hoop on your neck. You can also do this trick with the hoop around your shoulders, but I find that it's easier to learn starting with it on your neck and then work your way up to that.

So also, keep in mind that it will be easier if you pull your hair up out of the way and also have your shoulders bare versus having sleeves like I have. It'll be a little bit easier if the hoop is making contact with your skin. All right, so starting with the hoop around your neck, nice, relaxed stance, hooping to the left. Notice when the hoop is making a space in front of you, that is where you're going to stick your shoulder in to do your shoulder duck out.

So let's practice the position of the body first. If the hoop is going around your neck, making a space in front of you, rotate your left shoulder forward and up and then bend directly to the side, sticking that shoulder up so you have a nice position for the hoop to rotate around your shoulder. After the hoop makes a rotation, you're going to pop back up into the hoop.

Okay? So shoulder forward, then side, pop up into the hoop. Hoop going around your neck. Front, front, front, front. Shoulder come forward, bend, and pop back up into the hoop. Notice that my hair keeps getting in my face. Don't notice that. All right, front, front, front, front, shoulder. And it will help you also to rotate when you pop back up, to continue the hoop rotating around your body. Usually you will continue with it around your shoulders from there.

I'll demonstrate that a couple more times. Hooping on your neck. Front, front, front, shoulder. And voila. You can also continue keeping the hoop on your shoulder if you're really brave. Otherwise, just do the quick shoulder duck out. And that's how you do a shoulder duck out.

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