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How to Do a Hula Hoop Vertical Duck Out

Learn how to do a hula hoop vertical duck out from hula hooping expert Natalie "McFancy" Wise in this Howcast video.


For a vertical shoulder duck-out it's helpful to have your shoulders exposed so that the hoop can grip against your skin. It's much easier that way.

So we're going to start vertical hooping around our neck. Make sure that your feet are a little wider than hip distance apart and nice and soft because that's going to give you the momentum to keep the hoop going. So give it a push, knees nice and soft, bouncing up and down. Then notice when the hoop makes a space in front of you. When the hoop is down in front of you, you're going to slide your right shoulder forward, rotating it forward inside the hoop.

As you feel the hoop pass off from your neck onto your shoulder you're going to tuck your chin and slide your head out of the rotation of the hoop. Then the hoop will continue to rotate around your shoulder one full rotation. Then once it gets back down onto your back, once again you can duck your head back in and continue your neck hooping.

So one more time slowly. The hoop makes a space in front of me. I slide my shoulder in. I'm rotating my whole body towards my left, slightly. Hoop makes a rotation around your shoulder. Then once it comes back down, tuck your chin, slide your head back in, and continue hooping around your neck.

All right. So let's give this a try, feet hip distance, knees nice and soft, down, down, down, shoulder. Continue that knee bounce to get the hoop going again. Down, down, down, shoulder, neck back in, continue the knee bounce to get it going again.

And that's how you do a vertical shoulder duck-out.

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