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How to Use Colored Eye Pencils

Learn how to use colored eye pencils from makeup artist Brittney Rose in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


Fun, colored eyeliners are something that is really great to play with, but they need to be done right. Here's some tips on what to do.

One thing to keep in mind is making sure the color that you choose complements your eye and your eye color, your coloring, etc. I have several different colors with me. I have blue, gold, purple. I also have cream liners, which is nice, and also liquid.

Keep in mind when you're doing these that you don't want anything else distracting from it especially if it's a very, very bold color. When you're applying eyeliner like this, you don't want a also bold lip that's in a contrasting color or your cheek to be too bright. You really want the eyeliner to pop the most.

When you're using a regular pencil eyeliner, I love these to use. Just throw a little bit of color right on in the inner rim here. That looks really, really good. It's a subtle way to pop a little color in there, kind of mix up the look. If you're doing something that's a little more bold like using a cream liner or the liquid liner on top, this one it's going to stand out a little bit more so this is really where you really want to take those tips in not to overdo the shadow since it's right on top you don't want to have too much of the same color all over the lid. You really want to make a nice, balanced symmetrical face.

Those are my tips on how to use colored eyeliners.

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