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Lip Colors That Make Teeth Look Whiter

Learn which lip colors make teeth look whiter from makeup artist Brittney Rose in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


Everyone wants whiter teeth and one way to do that is by using lip colors that will appear to make your teeth look whiter. So the main thing when choosing a lip color that is going to accent the whiteness of your teeth is making sure that it has a blue undertone.

So I already have a few of these colors on my arm here, going from lightest kind of getting a little bit deeper. As you can see, I started with a glossy type of pink that has the blue undertone, something that's a little more purple, then some pinks that are getting bolder as we're going up.

Now, next I'm going to add something that has more of a red undertone. Reds are really nice for this too, and then as you can see I have just a regular red on right now, and that really does make your teeth pop. There's one and now a just kind of regular red, just like what I'm wearing. But you do want it to be less of an orange-red and more of a blue-red.

One thing to steer away from is definitely nudes. Nudes do not compliment your teeth. They're going to only contrast with the yellowness or staining that your teeth have. The reason that something that's more of a golden or an orange undertone is because it picks up yellow. So they're similar undertones in the yellowness of the teeth, and then in the lip color, it's only going to create more of that tone in your teeth.

So definitely choose blue undertones and that's how you make your teeth look whiter with lip color.

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