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5 Beach Makeup Tips

Learn five beach makeup tips from makeup artist Brittney Rose in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So, when you're going to the beach, there are a few things that you might want to improve makeup wise, but you don't want to overdo it. So here are some beach makeup tips. The first thing that I'd like to do is usually use some sort of primer. You want to use something that's going to keep you matte, so this is the backup primer. You don't have to do this, but I think it's nice because it's not adding any type of color.

You can take a little squirt like that, and this is something cool that you can keep in your purse and just kind of tap on as you get a little bit shiny or sweaty. You just rub it between your fingers and press it onto the face where you're a little bit shiny. So this will kind of keep you from getting overly oily when you're sweating or it's hot out. That's really nice and it's also going to hold anything you put on top a little bit better.

Obviously, we don't want to be too made up at the beach, so I'm going to keep it pretty simple. If you do want to put something on your face to cover redness or a little bit of blemishes, I would say just use some sort of a BB cream. BB creams have high SPF usually. I have the Smashbox one that has SPF 35. It's going to stay on a little bit better than a regular foundation. It's not going to get cake-y if you're swimming and it streaks across.

So if you want to wear something to cover a little bit, this is what I would choose. The next thing would be, I love powder too. If you don't want to do the primer option to keep yourself matte, I love this Peter Thomas Roth setting powder. It's the Instant Mineral SPF 45. So basically what it is, it's just powdered sunscreen. It's so nice. This is really awesome to keep in your beach bag while you're on the beach and you just brush a little bit on.

As you can see the powder is coming out and you have instant SPF. It's really easy to just keep touching up because when you're going in and out of the water, you don't want to put something sticky, like really thick, sticky white sunscreen all over your face. I feel like I'm going to break out. So this is so much easier.

The next thing would be if you do want to throw a little bit of mascara on, just make sure it's waterproof. I have a few that I like to use. I have the Stila Stay All Day waterproof mascara. I have a Laura Mercier waterproof mascara and I also have Blink.

So if you don't know about Blink, basically what it is, is a fiber mascara. If you haven't used a fiber mascara, what it is, is there are tiny little fibers that are infused into the formula and when you apply it, it kind of creates a little tube around each lash. The tube is what is very waterproof, but when you're removing it, it comes off very easily.

So if you hate waterproof mascara because it's so hard to get off, you might like a fiber mascara better. There are several different ones, like I know Eye Co. has a fiber mascara. So just go to your makeup store, ask for a fiber mascara, and that will be an easy waterproof beach option.

The last thing that I really like is once again with the SPF, you want to keep your skin protected. You want to keep it looking young. So that applies too with your lips. If you want to just throw a little bit of color on, I love these Fresh Sugar balms. They have SPF 15, which is really nice because at least they're protecting your lips, and then you're getting a little bit of color out of it, but it's not over the top like a lipstick on the beach. So these are my makeup tips for the beach.

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