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How to Use a Bronzer Makeup Brush

Learn how to use a bronzer brush from makeup artist Brittney Rose in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


One brush that is really important to know how to use properly is the bronzer brush. So there are a few different kinds that you could use. You may see something very large like this that's a bronzer brush, or you could use something very tailored like this, that's very compact and specific.

So, when I'm using a large bronzer brush like this, it's more for kind of body. I don't like to use it all over the face. I feel like it gets a little too muddy and you really don't want to look like your face is a different color from your neck. So with something like this, I'll just do big sweeping motions maybe to blend color down onto my neck. Maybe I did a little bit of contouring here and I just want to blend that out, just pretty simple.

This is really beautiful to use bronzer right on the chest. Especially during summertime, it's nice to have a little bit of glow right on the collar bone. It looks really beautiful. Another thing that you can do with the other brush, this is a fan brush. So fans can either be used for general kind of bronzing if you want to do something very light. It's nice and kind of loose and airy here, so it's not going to make too compact of a color distribution.

So what I like to do with this is actually contouring with bronzer. So I'm going to take a little bit, I've loaded the brush, and then I kind of place it right on the hairline. I'm just doing little sweeping, back and forth motions. The reason I'm putting bronzer up here is because this is where bronzer naturally hits the forehead, the high points of the face.

So I did a little bit, as you see, back and forth like this, and now I'm blending it downwards just so it's very seamless. Then I kind of take it down. When you're bronzing you want to think of making the number three. So it's kind of like this type of motion. So I bring it down. I do a little bit on the temple, and then I also kind of do this little area right here.

A way to know exactly where to put it at the bottom of the cheekbone is just to go like that, and you'll instantly know where to put it. Then I sweep it down. Bronzing right here kind of gives your jawbone a little bit of a pop. So I do a little bit like this and you can kind of stick your neck out to see where to put it and then I just mirror the same thing on the other side.

The thing that's nice about this brush is that it really does a lot of the work for you. Having the right brushes is super important to making your makeup look very flawless. It just makes everything easier on you and you just get a better end result.

As you can see, once I do this contour here, I blend downwards as well, just kind of fading that bronze off. Taking it under the chin again. I love this tip because my jawbone kind of fades a little bit into my neck, so it's nice to get a little bit of a pop like this. As you can see, when I place it here, I have the brush in the direction that it's going. Not like this because that's going to give us too wide of a bronze. So place it flat and then blend downwards and that's how you use a bronzer brush.

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