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How to Use a Crease Makeup Brush

Learn how to use a crease brush from makeup artist Brittney Rose in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


One brush that I think everyone should know how to use is the crease brush. So it's really simple. Basically, what it's designed for is to go right in the crease of your eye, which is - if you don't know where your crease is, I have naturally deep-set eyes so it's very easy to tell where my crease is. But if your eye is not quite as deep-set, what you can do is actually feel this bone right here, and wherever you can feel underneath is right where your crease will fall. It's not necessarily where your eye folds. It's right under this bone.

So that's where you'll know right where to place the brush, and then you just kind of do little windshield wiper motions. I'll show you here with a little bit of shadow. I'm going to take a little bit with my brush. I like to tap it off just so there's not too much shadow on it, and I like to start by placing it on the outer corner of the eye, and like I said, just little windshield wiper motions.

Very simple. I'll do the other side, and the nice thing about it is it's kind of domed. It really fits right in that little space, right in the crease. It blends so nicely because usually a crease brush is a little bit more - it's not as compact, so it's nice. It really blends easily. It does half the work for you. So here I am, little windshield wipers, and that's how to use a crease brush.

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