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How to Use an Eyeliner Makeup Brush

Learn how to use an eyeliner brush from makeup artist Brittney Rose in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So one thing that can be really intimidating when applying eyeliner can be
using an eyeliner brush to apply cream liner. So there are several
different types of eyeliner brushes that you could use for this. There's
the pointed slant. So it kind of has a slanted brush and it's very pointy
up here and firm. That makes it easy for you to apply because you can kind
of come in at an angle. You can angle the brush however it works for you.
That one is really simple.

You could also use just basically a fine-tip eyeliner brush. This one is by
Bobbi Brown. It's very thin, makes it really easy to see what you're doing.
You can easily get a nice cat eye wing with this one. Or you could use the
flat eyeliner brush. It's very flat, very firm. There are also angled
versions of this that the bristles will be kind of cut at an angle. That's
easy as well.

Today, I'm going to show you how to do this with the second brush that I
showed you, the ultra-fine brush, and I'm also using the Bobby Brown Black
Ink pot liner. So, what I like to do when I'm applying cream liner is take
the brush, coat this evenly on both sides, then I kind of just do a little
scrape on the side here to make sure everything is even. You don't want any
clumps. You want it to go on very smoothly and flawlessly.

So now that my brush is loaded, I'm going to go ahead and when you're
applying this you want to start as close as possible to the lash line. You
don't want any spaces between your lashes and where the liner is, and there
are different looks that you can do. I'm going to start with just a very,
very simple lash look where I'm just kind of wiggling the brush and it just
makes the lashes look a little bit thicker.

So I'm going to take it in, just like I said. I'm laying the brush flat and
it's so simple. You just kind of place it right on the lash line. You don't
have to think about drawing a line at first. You can just kind of wiggle
the brush back and forth right on the lashes. You don't have to get crazy
thinking that it's not perfect. So, just kind of place it right on top. The
lashes will guide you, and I like to always go pretty close into the inner

Then, once you have that entire lash kind of filled in, you can go over top
and smooth it out. I'm using my hand, just kind of touching it to my face
very gently as an anchor so that you have a little more stability. Making
sure that the liner is even, clean. All right, and that is how you do cream
liner with an eyeliner brush.

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