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Should You Tell People You Have Schizophrenia?

Learn if you should tell people you have schizophrenia from Anthony Newton, who has the brain disorder, in this Howcast video.


I think it depends on what type of job you're going for. But, at the same time, there shouldn't be much fear behind it, being honest about a disease that just has to have some type of dialogue connected to expressing it to anybody, even a job, even a career. I have a career and they know my disease.

I think it's all in how you do the delivery, in how you present yourself. If you're looking disheveled and your schizophrenia is inflamed, then there's going to be some type of resistance towards wanting to hire that person. But now, if you come across in a way that's humble, happy, joyous and free, if you will, and you're being intelligent and you're being well-presented, you're well-dressed. you're taking care of yourself, and you express to them, "I have a mental disorder called schizophrenia, but I'm high-functioning. I work hard," which, usually, people with mental illness do.

Based on jobs that organizations give, like Fountain House, people with mental diagnosis are very hard workers. They don't focus on being distracted as much as a person who's "normal". Again, we have to present ourselves in a very astute, professional manner. Sometimes, we even have to overachieve in that area. Meaning that say Michael Jordan in basketball is an overachiever to me in basketball. We kind of have to approach disclosing our information about mental illness in that fashion. Once you jump over a hurdle, what can be in your way?

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