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How to Deal with Discrimination if You Have Schizophrenia

Learn how to deal with being discriminated against because you have schizophrenia from Anthony Newton, who has the disorder, in this Howcast video.


I am quite a student of discrimination, and as you can see, looking at me, you've probably figured out that I've gone through some discrimination of some type or another. But, I'm not going to touch on that. I going to stick to the topic.

I believe every soul is guilty of discrimination or discriminating somebody. We discriminate women, we discriminate people, we discriminate children. I think that that is just the conscience of western civilization. If we look a little deeper at discrimination, it's a form of projection by that particular party. And, also, not having enough education about cultures, class type, money, finances, diseases, schizophrenia.

How do we handle discrimination from a mental illness point of view? We have to steadfastly show faith and master your disease. When I say that, I mean, I've had this for quite some time. I believe I was born with it, because I always haven't had an acute imagination. So, I spend time with myself in a positive manner.

Of course, too much isolation isn't good. But, it does help to work towards fighting discrimination, because you're ready for it. You're building up a tough skin. Quite frankly, one should look for appreciation from another person to be validated, and I think I keep it very simple by saying that.

When facing discrimination, I do believe that you just can't put yourself out in that situation, where you're giving out all your power to another person who has no idea what the disease is all about, or living with it is all about. No idea. You just can't. So, you have to be very psychologically strong in presenting that fact to people, and you can't care about what people think. You just can't care about it. What are they doing for you, anyway, if they're judging you from that level?

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