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How to Understand Schizophrenia with Jeanie Tse, MD

Learn about psychiatrist Jeanie Tse, MD, one of Howcast's experts in schizophrenia, in this video.


Hi. I'm Dr Jeanie Tse and I'm a psychiatrist. I work at the Institute for Community Living, where I'm the associate chief medical officer. ICL is a not-for-profit agency in New York City serving over 10,000 people with serious mental illness in their families.

At ICL, I see patients at the Guided Center of Brooklyn, which is a clinic in Brooklyn Heights. I work on a specialized mobile team called an Act Team that goes throughout Brooklyn, and I work in some school based programs, as well. At ICL, I also do research on the integration of physical and mental health services to address the needs of the whole person, making true recovery possible for people with serious mental illness.

I teach at the NYU in Colombia Public Psychiatry Fellowship programs, and I'm an associate professor at the NYU School of Medicine. I maintain a small private practice in the Union Square area of New York City, and I can be reached through my website at

I was trained in Canada. I'm from Edmonton, Canada. I was trained at the University of Alberta for medical school, and then at McGill University for my psychiatry residency, obtaining my Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Diploma. I also came to New York to do a Columbia University public psychiatry fellowship and stayed on because it's just a great place to live.

I do this work because, every day, I am inspired by people who have struggled with traumas and their mental illnesses, conquering them, leading healthy, productive, normal lives with their families, finding success in managing the symptoms of mental illness. I find it very rewarding to work with this population.

I also work to decrease the risk of transmission of suffering and mental illness from generation to generation, by helping parents to manage their own stress, helping them provide the care and nurturing that their children need to grow up to be healthy adults. So, that work is very important to me, as well.

I also work to chip away at big society problems, like poverty, homelessness, and our prison systems, which are overflowing with people, who really just need good mental health treatment. These are the reasons that my work is so meaningful to me.

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