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How to Understand Schizophrenia with Anthony Newton

Learn about Anthony Newton, one of Howcast's experts in schizophrenia, in this video.


Hi. My name is Anthony Newton. I'm represented by a small gallery called Fountain Gallery in New York City. I want to be one of the greatest artists of all time. That's why I came to New York City. I didn't just want to go to art school or art college. I wanted to tackle a feat that was probably going to be an extraordinary obstacle.

If I can't be the greatest artist of all time, then you're going to say, "You know what? That guy, Anthony Newton, he is, or was, a great painter and a great person." If I can get people to say that about me, I'm good. I'm very good. I think that that's the only legacy I'd like to leave behind.

I have a daughter and I'd like to leave behind a legacy for her. I take poverty and I take euphoria and I take happiness, and I take fear and I take anger, and I take all these emotions and put them into my art, so that people can look at it and see that there is something in thought that is beyond pain, just totally trying to relax the mind with my paintings.

It's been healing and life-saving for me to be a painter since the age of seven. There are a lot of, as I say, mint galleries in the world, and I want to be a part of that art scene. I'm already entering it, but I want to be more established.

Oh, I went to FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology. I was there for four years and that was when my mental illness was untreated and diagnosed by a therapist on campus. I struggled so much in college. I couldn't afford books. I didn't have medication at the time. I couldn't really keep up with the rest of the students.

The only place I excelled in was in college courses, was in art class. That was when my disease was rampant. That was when my schizophrenia was really just on fire and I couldn't figure out what was going on and I often blame myself for that simple fact. I though that I was a derelict. I thought that I was a nasty, mean person. I thought these things of myself and that wasn't the case.

If you're having depression, as I did, if you're constantly hearing a voice of negativity, "You're not good enough, you're not strong enough, you can't make it, you are a nobody," then these are ideas that we have to get out of our minds and have it totally eradicated. Replace them with new, positive, healthy thoughts. It's like eating from a buffet. Are you going to take from the garbage can or are you going to take from the gourmet meal?

First of all, my gallery is entitled Fountain Gallery, as in water fountain, and we are located at 702 9th Avenue, New York City. If you want to go online and shop - but a lot of my work is new and a lot of my stuff online is old - so the online website is You can look up "Anthony Newton" under Artists and you'll see my ensemble of work.

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