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How to Assemble a Sax

Learn how to assemble a sax in this Howcast video.


Hi, this is Troy Roberts. Today we're going to talk about how to assemble the alto saxophone. First and foremost you want to get this neck strap in place. Next, you want to put the reed on the mouthpiece. The reed is held to the mouthpiece via the ligature. We place the reed on the mouthpiece thusly. So we've got a set up mouthpiece. Next, we want to put the mouthpiece onto the neck. Some people will have a thicker cork than this, in which case you'd use cork grease. It's very easy to purchase and most horns come with it. Get some grease on that cork and the mouthpiece will fit nicely.

Next, we want to put this neck and mouthpiece onto the body of the saxophone. We want to get the body of the saxophone, attach it to your neck strap so you have a hand free here and a hand free here. Make sure this is unscrewed so the neck fits in snuggly, and tighten it. And you've got everything the way you want it. That's how to assemble the alto saxophone.

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