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Saxophone Reed Placement

Learn about saxophone reed placement in this Howcast video.


Hi, this is Troy Roberts. Today we are going to talk about saxophone reed placement. On the saxophone, we have a mouthpiece, which is made up of the actual mouthpiece, the ligature, and the reed. When placing the reed on the mouthpiece, best to show by example.

You put the reed in between the ligature and the mouthpiece, and with your thumb, it is a good idea to hold it in place while you adjust down here with your fingers. If you hold it up to the light, you can push against the reed to get it to the tip of the mouthpiece and make sure it is flush. This is kind of bad here. The reed is over the mouthpiece that is not good.

This is also bad, where the reed is under the tip of the mouthpiece. You really want to get it flush. Hold it in place with your thumb and then tie it in the ligature. That is the most ideal placement for the reed. Then you put the mouthpiece with the correct reed placement back onto the neck of the saxophone and you can play away.

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