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Proper Sax Mouth Placement

Learn the correct way to place your mouth on the saxophone in this Howcast video.


Hi. This is Troy Roberts and today we're going to talk about correct mouth placement for the alto saxophone.

So, the most correct place to put your mouth or to form your embouchure is right where the mouth, where the reed leaves the mouthpiece. From the flat table part of the mouthpiece to where the mouth piece kind of raises up. There’s a point where the reed leaves the mouthpiece. And that's the most ideal part to put your, to place your mouth for your embouchure.

So, it's pretty easy and pretty clear sounding, open sounding. Any further would be kind of harsh. And any further back is going to be a little muffled.

So, either way you're going to be using unnecessary muscles and maybe misusing your airflow if you're not, kind of, really close to where the reed departs the mouthpiece.

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