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Proper Sax Finger Placement

Learn the correct way to place your fingers on a saxophone in this Howcast video.


Hi, this is Troy Roberts. Today we are going to talk about the correct finger place for the alto saxophone. Your first finger is going to go on the B key, which is right here. Your second finger is going to go on the A key, which is right here. In between that we have a little B flat bus key. The third finger is going to go on the G key, which is right above this little finger stack, here. The little finger controls this stack of keys, here. On the right hand, the first finger goes on the F key, second finger goes on the E key, and the third finger goes on the D key. Your little finger on your right hand controls these keys down here, which are the E flat and the low C.

That is finger placement, but we also have thumbs and the sides of your hands, which also control keys. The thumb controls the octave key, back here. Your left palm controls the side D, which is high D, E flat, and F. Your left little finger controls this little stack of keys here, G sharp, C sharp, B, and B flat. Your right palm, or side of your hand, controls the side keys here, which is B flat, C, and high E. It is important to remember when you are playing the saxophone you have got all your fingers and thumbs doing their job, it is important to pretend you are holding a couple of tennis balls, to keep your fingers rounded and your palms out so that they are not hitting any keys, side palm keys, by accident. We keep them rounded like you are holding a couple of tennis balls, and that way you can efficiently reach every key you need to.

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