Range of the Saxophone

Learn about the range of the sax in this Howcast video.


So this is an alto saxophone, and it's range is an octave and a half, technically. Low 'B' flat is the lowest note that you can play on the horn, and the highest note that you can technically play is an 'F'. So it sounds like this ...

Now, in constant pitch that is 'D' flat ledger lines below a treble stave, up till 'A' flat above the stage. And on the tenor saxophone, of course, the lowest note is a 'B' flat on the horn, up until 'F' technically. And in constant pitch that is low 'A' flat in the base clef up to 'E' flat at the top of the treble stave. So, it sounds like this in the B-flat major scale...

There are alternate fingerings that you can use to get up to what is called the altissimo register. Which extends the range from its 2 and a half octave limit, to which some people can play, maybe another 2 octaves. So it sounds a little like this when you get above into the altissimo...

So, I went far beyond the written 'F' for the horn, to cover 3 and a half octaves. That is what I can personally do, but some people can go a lot higher than that.

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