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How to Play the Saxophone Octave Key

Learn how to play the saxophone octave key in this Howcast video.


Hi this is Troy Roberts and today we're going to talk about the octave key on the alto saxophone. So on the saxophone the octave key is on the thumb right here. That's the only key that's on the thumb on a alto, tenor, and soprano saxophone.

The octave key comes into use when you're moving from anywhere above middle C-sharp. So I just moved from C-sharp to D, which is also called a break area on the alto, on the saxophone, which is the first time I'm going to have to start using the octave key.

Now everything above middle-D on the saxophone I'm going to need that octave key for. Everything middle-D, you can achieve the octave for by using the octave key. For example, a low D can be played up the octave by adding the octave key. That goes with G, et cetera. And this rings true for all the other notes up until you get to palm key territory.

So that's that alto saxophone's octave key.

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