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How to Play a Diminished Scale on a Saxophone

Learn how to play a diminished scale on a sax in this Howcast video.


Hi. This is Troy Roberts and today we're going to talk about diminished scales on the alto saxophone.

Unlike the major scale, seven note scale, the diminished scale is an eight note scale and it's symmetric in that it reverts and overlaps itself.

So, its intervallic DNA or structural makeup is whole step, half step, whole step, half step, etc., etc.

So, for example on the alto saxophone I'm going to play a G diminished scale.

Now there's a variation of that where we reverse those intervals. A half step, whole step, half step, whole step. And that sounds like this. And that's diminished scales for the alto saxophone.

So, if were to arpeggiate this diminished scale as we would with a major scale, which is missing every second note to form a chord this is what a diminished arpeggio sounds like.

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