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Sax Practice Tips for Beginners

Pick up some tips on how to practice the sax in this Howcast video.


Hey. It's Troy Roberts here and we're going to talk about practicing for beginners.

Well, firstly it's always a good idea to have a metronome and a tuner handy at all times. And it's also important to remember small goals to achieve each practice session.

Because it's so easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff we need to learn. And sometimes that can turn you off music. Don't forget to listen to lots and lots of music. Because, hopefully, that's what inspired you in the first place.

Obviously keep plugging away at those scales and tuning exercises and rhythm things and all the basics. Always keep up on those basics. I'm still practicing all my basics.

So those basics being major scales, breathing exercises, tuning exercises, long tones. Some written etudes is always important.

And, but most importantly listening to music and having fun.

So, rather than dedicating an amount of time to practicing I think goal oriented practicing is a lot more useful. So, one person that might take five minutes to learn two scales. And the next person it might take 20 minutes.

But the important thing is the goal gets achieved. Rather than saying, "Hey, I practiced a half an hour today. I'm awesome."

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